Breeze Weather Support


When you first start Breeze it will request access to your current location. You can deny this request and may continue to use the app, however, certain features may not work such as setting the weather location to "current location".

If you denied settings initially, you can grant them later in your device's Settings menu.

Location Search

To change the current location, click the three bars icon in the top left to go the settings menu. Click on the current location name. You will be taken to a screen where you can type in the name of a city or town you want to switch to.

As you type, a list of matching cities and towns will appear. Press on one to select it, and press the Back icon in the top left to return to the main screen.


By default Breeze will try use the Units for the location you have selected. In the US that means farenheit and miles. In most other countries that means the metric system, i.e. celcius and kilometres. In the UK it uses celcius and miles. You can override these values by picking one of the options in the settings menu.